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Spécialité de la maison

The top chefs all agree: English asparagus is the best in the world. Here on the Wirral, the climate and soil are perfect for growing the vegetable that everyone loves to love. The season is short, from late April to mid-June, but in that time our asparagus is savoured in homes and restaurants all over the country. Come along and find out why.

Come & see for yourself

For a limited time during the asparagus season, Chef n Farmer invites you to come and spend an evening at the farm and find out why we think asparagus is the Godfather of vegetables.

A chance to stroll across the farm with Andrew the farmer to the asparagus field, learn all about the crop and how it’s grown and harvested and then have a go yourself. Then it’s back to the kitchen for a well earned drink and a short demo and tasting from master chef Brian before tucking into the main buffet with lots of asparagus inspired dishes.

Naughty but nice

If music be the food of love, play on… and let’s have asparagus as a starter. Yes, even in Shakespeare’s day, asparagus was widely regarded as an aphrodisiac. It still is. And as spring turns to summer, ‘the sexy vegetable’ is one of our specialities at the Claremont Farm Shop… along with a range of recipes to make your asparagus taste even better. Delicious!

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