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Easter Bushcraft Camps

A day of super fun bushcraft skills & exciting nature games.

Let your children experience and explore the marvellous fun and adventure of the great outdoors. This one day event takes place over 5+ hours from 10am to 3.30pm; and is available on following dates:

Wednesday 3rd & 10th April & Thursday 4th & 11th April.

Price: £30 per child.

Activities include some of the following:

  • Fire Craft (Fire lighting, building, sourcing tinder & kindling, kelly kettle fires)
  • Shelter Craft (Rope knots, tarp shelters, natural shelters, hammocks)
  • Camp Craft (Foraging for wild food, cooking on a fire, making wild drinks)
  • Survival  (Tracking games, survival games, forest school activities)

Also includes a fantastic bushcraft lunch cooked on an open fire, including wild teas, bacon sandwiches and hot-dogs, marshmallows and a bush-tucker trial…

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