Claremont Farm Planning Permision

It is very sad to think that this particular part of our farm in the photo could be taken away for development and housing!

We must first make it clear that we do not own the land, we are tenant farmers and we have been farming here since 1906……and we are categorically against any building on Claremont and our precious Wirral Green Belt.

The Pimbley’s have a 100 year lease or 4 generations Agricultural Tenancy Agreement, which myself and my brother currently hold and we are the last generation to automatically receive the right to farm at Claremont. After us, who knows what will happen.

The farm shop is also not ours, we have the right to run it for 30 years but then have to give it back, even though we have paid (with some help from our landlord and some Rural Development Funding) for the building to be built.

The Farm and the Farm Shop are owned by the Trustees of the Poulton Hall Estate of which the Llancelyn Green family make up the majority and who Fisher German land agents manage our farm & shop. If the Trust had no desire to develop, there would be no issue.

This part of the farm is integral to our Farm and taking it away brings the viability of the whole of Claremont under speculation.
We rotate our Home Grown Vegetables around this particular land as it’s the closest land available to the shop, so we are not having to travel long distances every morning during harvest. It’s also important that winter educational visits/welly walks can access these vegetables and enable the children to see these vegetables growing first hand.

This part of the farm is also integral to our Higher Level Environmental Stewardship Scheme agreement, which works on a points basis, many of our points are gained in this area of land from infield trees & ponds, field corners, grass buffer strips, hedgerow management etc etc If we lose this land we will no longer have sufficient points to stay in the agreement and will also lose the right to offer 70 FREE school visits every year to the local school groups.

There is a reason Bebington was voted the most desirable postcode in the UK to live and the Wirral is know for it’s green spaces, to take that away unnecessarily would be a travesty.

Do we need to mention the obvious traffic issue and that it is already at capacity on Brimstage Road and the Clatterbridge roundabout……and nothing is more frustrating than knowing that there are many more brown field and suitable areas where houses could be built but for political reasons, mismanagement and greed, these are not being utilised.

We will back any campaign to save our green belt and to push the council to use the areas already marked for housing first and foremost.
There are groups, such as the Claremont Defenders who we wish to distance ourselves from though and even though people may use our name they may not have our best interests at heart.

Any further questions about this particular land at Claremont can be directed to J.Mellis of Fisher German (

Let us hope the Council make the correct choice, not to allow unnecessary building on our Green Belt.

If you want to write a letter against development please write to