Spanish Tapas Cookery Class £55

March 8 2018 | 6.00pm - 9.00pm

The origin of tapas is the subject of many an argument in local bars across Spain. It is said that the first tapa was simply a hunk of bread, placed over a glass to keep the flies out! Thus, the word ‘tapas’ was born – ‘tapa’ literally meaning ‘cover’ or ‘lid’. Others claim it all started with the olive – plain and simple. After all, what better accompaniment to a glass of dry fino sherry than an olive? Or perhaps, some almonds – fried in olive oil, sprinkled with salt and served whilst still hot? Wherever the truth lies, it is these food that typify the original tapas – the simplest of foods, requiring little or no preparation.

Join us at this workshop with Real Food Daily to create some traditional, but amazingly healthy, small plates of food bursting with flavour! Together, we will create an amazing tapas feast to enjoy together at the end of the class. What could be better, than to celebrate the arrival of spring with its longer days and promise of things to come, with a small slice of the Mediterranean?

This workshop includes:

All equipment;

Demonstrations/hands-on cooking with step-by-step instructions;

Group discussion;


Sitting down to eat our healthy creations!

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