Indian Cookery with Soma

January 27 2018 | 10am - 4pm

Learn to cook your own Indian and other exotic meals from scratch, using fresh and healthy ingredients. Now YOU can control the amount of oil, salt, spices or chillies you want to use, so no more bloated feeling after a curry!

I cook from the heart, and will teach you to do the same, you will learn to cook just like an Indian cooks at home for the family. Your home-cooked meal will be delicious, healthy as well as stylish.

We will touch upon cuisines from different parts of India. India has a very diverse variety of delectable cuisines. The cooking styles and ingredients used in different regions are largely similar, yet there is a subtle difference in the way the spices and herbs are used bringing out an array of different tastes, flavours and aromas.

When we learn to cook we learn the basics of how to put together a number of ingredients and create a dish that is tasty and healthy. How roasting a spice can turn the flavour around completely and give it a new dimension, how yogurt can enhance or ruin your dish, how the spices lying at the bottom of your cupboard for ages can bring to life even dull vegetables like cabbage or beans, is what you learn here. Hereafter you will find the freedom to experiment with food with your newly acquired skills, cooking whatever you can find in your cupboard or fridge and making an Indian meal out of it.

I am an experienced scientific editor, born and brought up in India. I started cooking more than two decades back while eagerly assisting my guru-my mom in the kitchen during holidays, learning all the fine details under strict supervision. Over the years I imbibed more cuisine and culture wherever I went. Egged on by enthusiastic friends I trained to teach adults and thereafter taught Indian cookery for years. I am passionate about cooking. I de-stress with cooking, and I want to inspire others to cook and feel the sense of achievement.

Time: 10am-4pm

Cost £95 for full day

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