Handling the Heat 

October 21 2017 | 10am-2pm

An Introduction to the Savours of Chilli Peppers 

My workshops are designed to introduce you to the huge diversity of chillies that exist and to master their heat to good effect. Using the right techniques, and proportions you can achieve the perfect balance within a dish, and create something exciting and flavoursome that everyone can enjoy.

Have no Fear! If you like a grind of black pepper on your food there is every reason you would enjoy many of the milder chillies, or even some of the hotter varieties handled in particular ways. However if you are a lover of the heat their will definitely be plenty for you too. I will be sharing lots of tips and tricks to help you satisfy the whole family whatever their palate.

Chillies are very good for you, they are packed with Vitamin C. Green chillies have up to five times more vitamin C gram for gram than oranges! They are also a good source of most B vitamins, vitamin B6 in particular. They are very high in potassium, magnesium and iron. Their high vitamin C content can also substantially increase the uptake of iron from other ingredients, such as beans and grains. 

Not only are they good for you but chillies are the ultimate feel-good ingredient! It is the capsaicin in chillies that provoke the sensation of heat and the body reacts by releasing endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling.

So why not come along to one of my workshops and learn how to rustle up some fresh, quick and easy dishes and leave the bland behind!


Introductory rate Course Cost £40

For more information and booking, please click HERE

The sessions will include

All ingredients and equipment

A brunch of Shakshuka and homemade bread; tea, coffee or fruit juice 

An introduction to the aromas & flavours of different chilli varieties

Cooking demonstrations and sampling of dishes, at least one salad included.

You will learn to create a fresh chilli spice paste, balanced to your taste – Mild, Medium or Hot.

You will take home a Chilli Gourmet Hessian bag including your spice paste; a selection of Chilli Gourmets fresh chillies; a recipe leaflet to enable you to create lots of fresh vibrant dishes.

Also a Squidgealicous surprise with a hint of chilli, specially created by the amazing Squidges Bakery