Eating for Health, Prevention & Recovery Workshop £55

January 9 2018 | 6pm - 9pm


Why eating dinner is better than seeing your doctor!

Medicine doesn’t just come in pills.

In many cases, it’s as close as your fork or your spoon.  That’s right. Your meals can be powerful medicine — if you eat the right kinds of foods.

Our food contributes taste, texture, delight, energy, and nourishment.  In this class we will look at foods that we can turn into delicious meals that will be tasty, filling easy to prepare, and nutritious.

Food has always been used in the past for medicinal purposes, perhaps the most powerful drug on the planet with the power to cause or even cure most chronic disease. A skill that has been somehow lost, but can be found again, food is not just something to fill you up, but the nourishment that feeds your body.

This class will give you the recipes, skills and essential nutritional information for planning your new healthy lifestyle with lots of practical advice on how to maintain a good for you diet throughout the year.

Step by step instructions
Group discussion
Enjoy creations on the class
Tips for lifestyle changes