The Bonsai Hi Fi Sound System

As we embark on a new year and look forward to exploring different avenues at claremont, we want to launch our most exciting project to date at Claremont.

Myself and my very good friend Adam have been working on this for some time and for those that have ventured upstairs, you may have seen the imposing speakers that sit at the corners of the room.
The Bonsai Hi Fi Sound System is a small but perfectly formed sound system lovingly put together for the enjoyment of music at intimate and friendly gatherings.
The system has been put together using only the finest audiophile grade components, from the classic Klipschorn speakers to the Mark Levinson amplifiers, right down to the finest hi fi cartridges, cables and interconnects . Our inspiration came from the work of people such as David Mancuso, Alex Rosner, Richard Long and our friends at the Lucky Cloud Sound System in London.
Whereas most modern P.A. systems are built to colour the sound, boost certain frequencies and be obnoxiously loud, our aim was that you shouldn’t hear the system at all, just the music as it was intended to be heard by the artist and at an optimum volume level for whatever the event.
We only use the finest vinyl pressings and have a very open minded musical aesthetic that embraces most genres, although always aiming to dig deeper into the realms than just the obvious selections, straddling the line between over familiarity and pretentious obscurity to deliver well thought out and 
enjoyable selections for our listeners. 
Keep an eye out for our forthcoming events and we hope that you enjoy hearing our music as much as we enjoyed collecting it and putting it all together x
Follow our journey @bonsaihifi on instagram