A Balanced Wellness Demonstration Evening £45

November 23 2017 | 6:00pm – 9:00pm


A ‘Wellness Balanced Evening’ with ‘Real food daily’. You’ll start by drinking an fresh juice energy full of nourishing properties to keep you healthy.. You will then be guide you through meal prep magic, demonstrating the way we select ingredients, prepare them and make them taste delicious. Finally, you will get to make one of ‘Real food daily’s’ famous macro bowls to eat for dinner. This is a meal to keep your energies, mood and hormones balanced. There will also be a recipe demo, a Q & A session, kombucha and plenty of treats for everyone.

All materials for the class will be provided for you and you’ll also receive a 15% discount for all future workshops and classes of Real Food Daily.

For more details and bookings please email Katie realfooddaily365@gmail.com